Say goodbye to US aid

A Reuters report says both military and economic aid of the United States to Pakistan is diminishing in a sign of Washington drifting away from its transitional relationship with Islamabad and aligning itself more closely with India. Quoting diplomatic and intelligence officials, the report says there is a very definitive and very sharp reorienting of US policy in South Asia away from Afghanistan-Pakistan and more towards India.
Though the United States has been describing Pakistan as a close ally but there has never been any disillusion among knowledgeable circles in the country that the relationship was just a marriage of convenience and that Washington was not serious in building a durable and genuinely strategic relationship with Islamabad for a variety of reasons and factors. There is also a widespread perception among global diplomatic community that the United States was not a dependable ally or partner. It builds relationships, alliances and coalitions for some specific objective and runs away at the first available opportunity. It did so both with Afghanistan and Pakistan on a number of occasions in the past leaving them at lurch after realization of its own strategic goals. We have been hearing for several years from successive US leaders that this time round the United States would not leave Pakistan and Afghanistan and ensure durable relationship but the ground situation is indicative of the stark reality of repeat of the past practice. Pakistan was a major non-NATO ally when the United States needed it to play the role of front-line state in the war against terror but is being thrown away in the process of regional realignment. Anyhow, a deeper analysis would show that Pakistan got less and lost much due to its dependence on the United States, which was brutally used by the US to squeeze the country on different accounts. Therefore, it would be appropriate if we ourselves say goodbye to the US aid and maintain relationship on factors other than dependency.

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