Save Radio Pakistan

It is a matter of great concern and regret that Radio Pakistan, which is still regarded as the official spokesman of the Government of Pakistan the world over, is sinking downward due to acute financial resource crisis. Radio Pakistan serving and retired employees are no doubt getting their salaries and pensions every month somewhat regularly after the money is doled out by Finance Ministry. But arrears of pensioners on attaining full pension and medical bills are pending for months together causing great financial problems to them. They purchase medicines for medical treatment out of their meagre resources and then wait and wait for months together for reimbursement of their medical bills.
It is pertinent to mention here that Radio Pakistan continues to be financial liability of the Federal Government as it does not generate adequate resources on its own. It is suggested that like PTV fee which is paid every month by electricity consumers along with their taxes and surcharges loaded bills, Radio License of small amount of Rs five only per month may also be added to the domestic consumers’ bills. It is worth mentioning that meagre Radio license fee which not many listeners bothered to get from Post Offices annually has been altogether dropped many years back. This will give Radio Pakistan some financial autonomy and reduce considerably its dependence on the Federal Government even for payment of salaries and pensions.
The sooner it is done the better it will be to pull Radio Pakistan out of deepening financial crisis. The new PTI and allies government is already in power at the national level and the Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister is requested to also pay some attention to lingering financial problems of Radio Pakistan and save it from sinking down financially without no rescuing steps being taken by the official quarters concerned.

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