Save future generations from drugs

DRUG addiction is reaching epidemic proportions in entire world a situation that warrants collective efforts on the part of every country to check it and save the future generations from this menace. Unfortunately our region, which is already afflicted with many other challenges, is regarded as one of the major hubs of illicit drug production and transit.
Though Pakistan has been declared as a poppy free country but it still provides a vital transit route for smuggling of drugs worth billions of dollars from neighbouring Afghanistan. UNODC released its annual report in Rawalpindi on Wednesday warning that Pakistan risks turning into a narcotics consuming country if it did not take sufficient steps to curb transit of drugs from its territory. Indeed this is a timely warning on the part of the UN agency as we have examples of Russia and Brazil before us, which used to be transit countries for drugs but ultimately turned into consuming countries. Though according to the UN agency Pakistan has not reached that stage, yet the authorities concerned need to focus their attention on this menace to prevent that to happen. ANF is doing its job as often we see it seizing large cache of narcotics but this also manifests the huge magnitude of the problem requiring holistic approach and cooperation of law enforcement agencies as well to nab the drug traffickers. Youth are the main target of drug peddlers and unless serious measures are taken now, the very future of a large chunk of today’s youth will be severely compromised. The problem of drug addiction is too real and serious to be ignored. The government needs to involve civil society and media in highlighting the perils associated with drug addiction. Media has a responsibility to highlight such issues with a view to educating people and building a consensus among them to forge a united stand against such scourges. Since it is an international phenomenon, all the countries also need to undertake collaborative efforts to fight the menace of drug trafficking and drug addiction to save future of mankind.

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