Saudi women hit roads

INDEED Saudi Arabia is witnessing many positive changes on many fronts under the dynamic leadership of both King Abdullah and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. One saw its reflection on Sunday when the Saudi women hit the roads after the lifting of ban on their driving. This definitely is a historic occasion and dawn of a promising future for Saudi women. Transportation was a major concern holding Saudi women back from joining the labour market. Now the lifting of ban will surely increase their participation in work force and encourage them work shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts and contribute to the progress and development of the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia has witnessed extraordinary changes over the last one year or so and more precisely ever since Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman took his post last June. This period saw crackdown against the corruption, overhaul of entertainment sector, shake up of economy and most importantly steps eliminating obstacles that held the women back. Allowing women to visit sports stadiums and their appointment at senior government positions and Shoura Council at an unprecedented rate clearly reflect that the Saudi leadership stipulates a greater role for women in the future of the Kingdom which is on course to diversify its economy. Half of Saudi human resources are female, therefore, providing conducive environment to them and allowing them to excel in their fields of interest is the way forward for the Kingdom to achieve the diversification and development goals in line with its vision 2030. Therefore, we expect that the Saudi leadership will go ahead with its women empowerment and emancipation plans and emerge an economic power of the region and the world at large. The people of Pakistan have a special affection and love for Saudi Arabia and its people and hence desire to see the holy land leading the Muslim Ummah and having a greater role and say in the world politics. The Kingdom is on the right course to carve out that place and represent the true face and aspirations of Muslim Ummah.

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