Saudi Embassy clarifies misgivings about Qatar’s boycott


Saudi Embassy here on Thursday categorically stated that the Kingdom has boycotted the Qatar, not sieged it, travelling and food supply to the country was going on as per routine.
The Kingdom has left with no option but to boycott Qatar because to its continuous support to terrorist groups in their country, said Marwan R. M. Mordad, Deputy Head of Mission in the Embassy while clarifying certain misleading reports about the issue.
About the mediation between the two sides, he said they would welcome it, if the Qatari government accepts their certain demands to this effect. Over the years, they have been avoiding taking aggressive attitude towards Qatar. In fact, they were forced to do so, he added.
A written statement released to the media stated “Several Arab and Islamic countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over its support for extremist groups which found safe haven in Doha. Qatar has been backing terrorist groups in the province of Qatif, Saudi Arabia, financing and harboring extremists who seek to strike the stability and unity of the region.
Saudi Arabia has taken this action as a result of serious violations by the authorities in Doha over the past years to induce dissent and sectarianism in the Kingdom. Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Daesh extremists is no more a secret.
The embargo confirms commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its sisterly countries to fight terrorism and block its sources, funding and supporting terrorist organizations as well as supporters and incubators of terrorism.”
Qatari media is trying to undermine the Saudi-led coalitions in its fight against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen. It launched a hostile political stance through its media platform Al-Jazeera, from where it airs the elements of hostility and extremism. It also aired views of leaders from terrorist organizations and their terrorist operations in the neighboring countries.
Through its media platform, it promoted treacherous views on the suicide bombing, the price of which is being paid by the whole world today and that has killed thousands of innocent people. It also divided the ranks of Palestinians by throwing its weight behind the extremist policies and directions.
It has been misleading to describe the severing of diplomatic relations and the closure of borders and airspace as a siege. It is trying to link the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to supporting terrorism by propagating reports to associate Saudi Arabia to the events of September 11.
Saudi Arabia wants Qatar to implement the promises it made a few years back to shun support of extremist groups, hostile media and meddling in internal affairs of other countries, the statement added.—INP

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