Saudi crown prince overview Hajj security military parade


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attended a military parade of the Hajj joint security forces and the bodies involved in Hajj affairs this year.
Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif said it was an “honor” to welcome the crown prince.
The minister extended his gratitude to Prince Mohammed for “accepting to preside over this event, which indicates the readiness of the security forces to serve pilgrims, and our ability to protect their security and safety.”
He added: “Our men have proven in the field that they enjoy high professionality and firm determination to perform their religious, national and humanitarian duties, with full recognition of the greatness of the responsibility at this place and time.”
The minister continued: “God has honored Saudi Arabia with servicing pilgrims and ensuring their security and comfort. This country prides itself, since the time of King Abdul Aziz.—AN

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