Saudi Crown prince envisions brighter future for country people

Salahuddin Haider

Ever since assuming authority, the young Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman has shown tremendous enterprise, exploring new avenues, giving new thoughts to ensure a happier, much Brighter Future for his countrymen than now or ever before.
He is full of vision and ideas, knows that sole or even over-reliance on oil needs to be revisited. Foreign investment for industrial growth has to be priority as the world is moving faster than could be anticipated, and those enriching themselves with modern technology and business practices, will be able to have their way.
UAE, its Gulf partner, Dubai especially, in the GCC, is a glowing example of laudable economic growth and prosperity. These perhaps was the prime objective of his recent tour to United Kingdom which is widely acknowledged as great success. Saudia, apart from building its air defence with 30 modern combat aircraft, is also looking forward to British investors, bigger companies, whose location in the Holy land, is bound to change the life style of the people.
The crown prince’s vision of 2030 is attracting attention of the developed world. He has now been invited to United States and will be visiting USA from March 19 for three days. The visit is bound to open new vistas of cooperation and opportunities of growth and development, commented an eminent economist here. In fact his moves to slowly liberalise the Saudi society, allowing 20 new cinema houses in Dammam, and allowing ladies driving are bound to bring in a health pattern in the Kingdom.
His moves, already has generated enormous enthusiasm within the Kingdom, where ordinary Saudi feels happier that Crown prince Mohammad’s visit to Egypt, followed by trip to UK, is bound to reap rich benefits for the country. Their argument that the message Prince Mohammad is carrying with him means business. Saudi Arab has to move from its past for an enlightened future—a future, which according to Arab media, demands fundamental reforms to turn the Kingdom into a powerful State of the Middle-East, playing important and decisive role at international level.
They wish and have begin to visualize their country which can defend itself with authority, and on the basis of its own strength, could lead military alliances in a region which is vital to the world. Its desire to rid itself and the region from terrorism is worth appreciating and has already won applause from free world. It will continue to pinpoint those with negative or destructive tendencies. The crown prince needs to be backed fully not only by Pakistan, but by the world at large.

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