Saudi Arabia serving Pakistani people without discrimination

Staff Reporter

Saudi Arabia is continuing welfare services in Pakistan without any discrimination on the basis of cast and creed and religion and hundreds of thousand people are benefiting from different projects across the country.
Saudi Deputy Ambassador to Pakistan Habib Ullah Bukhari stated this while speaking at a ceremony held on the occasion of departure of 15 truckloads of Ramzan Package to deserving families in various districts of Azad Kashmir and Khayber Pakhtaunkha under the auspices of the International Islamic Relief Organisation (IIRO).
The Saudi Deputy Ambassador also commended the services of the IIRO to alleviate the sufferings of the poor people in Pakistan and elsewhere and said that Saudi Arabia always stood by Pakistan on difficult times and would forever continue extending all sorts of help to the needy and deserving people in the brotherly Islamic country. Senator Talha Mehmood said on this occasion that friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is an example for all world to follow. Help for the deserving people is a unique service which has no substitute. Ramzan Package for deserving people is a golden and appreciable step of Saudi Government.
Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Jamal Nasir, president of the Pakistan Green Task Force and renowned social leader said that services of King Salman for Pakistan are unlimited as they have always sincerely played an active role in the rehabilitation of the needy and deserving people. He said the Saudi projects include those for orphans, emergency relief, sacrifice, assistance to the needy and deserving in Ramzan, construction of mosques, competitions for Huffaz-e-Quran and their encouragement.

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