Sattar to contest election

This refers to the news report ‘Farooq Sattar announces to contest elections from three constituencies’ (June 9). First of all, if Farooq Sattar was sure of mass support, which he claims, he should have contested from just one constituency. Also, the approach is rather selfish, wasteful and harmful to the party’s interests. And this because even in case of winning, he can have only one seat, and the votes cast in his favour in other constituencies will go waste.
Admitted, Farooq Sattar’s complaints about discrimination against the party are valid. Among other things, while Farooq Sattar talks about 165 missing persons, we know of at least one documented case of torture and death of MQM’s Aftab Ahmad in Rangers custody for which no one got befitting punishment publicly. Not that it justifies illegal action against MQM workers, it is also a fact that the party’s role over the years has also not been flawless, and some of its workers did commit excesses.
Moreover, party’s splintering, rejoining and separating again, with lots of accusations and counter-accusations has put many of their followers off them. If the leaders of various factions of MQM, including Haqiqi were really sincere to the people they respresent, it would be better for them to see the writing on the wall and join PSP. This is the only course left to them to stay relevant, and still serve the people they represent, free of ethnic considerations of course. I know it is good to struggle and persevere but it is even better to accept when it is time to call it a day. And when the time comes, it is best to re-chart the course and get moving, instead of just sitting there, mourning, trying to elicit sympathy which won’t be forthcoming.

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