Satellites technology

In 1990, Pakistan launched its first satellite in space named as “BADR-1”.This satellite was a gateway to modern technology and scientific development in Pakistan. Soon after Pakistan launched another satellite “BADR-B”. After the launching of these satellites there was a long pause in the development of new satellites. Now there is big news that Pakistan is going to launch its new satellite “PRSS-1”.
This satellite is based on fibre optic cables and used these cables for the transmission of signals. This satellite is a dual purpose Earth observational and optical satellite and it also provides us the facility of monitoring the coastal areas, and any information which is based on environmental issues. If the experiment of this satellite proved successful then it acts as a gateway to technology and it opens new ways of technology and also the ways of progress for Pakistan. The future of this technology is very bright if our government pays full attention towards it. Today, when many other countries are engaged in new inventions of satellite then it is sorry to say that Pakistan is not included in the race of these new innovations and inventions.
There is a lot of talent in Pakistan and also Pakistani scientists perform successful experiment then why we are not acknowledging their efforts. They have talent but they did not have the platform to explore the new world of technology. If we will appreciate our new talent and provide them facilities then undoubtedly new advancements were made not only in the technology of satellites but also in the various fields of our life. With a very less effort you succeed a lot but the need of the hour is that we take this issue very seriously.

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