Sartaj shows mirror to Modi

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi grossly misused the plat form of BRICS, which is aimed at fostering economic partnership, to score political points for domestic consumption by levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan. True to his colours, he once again labelled Pakistan as mothership of terrorism as part of the Indian strategy to portray the legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmiri people in black.
Promptly responding to his rhetoric, Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz showed mirror to the butcher of Kashmiris and Indian Muslims by telling Modi that he has no moral grounds to say so when his own extremist Government is involved in state terrorism in Occupied Kashmir. He rightly pointed out that Indian leadership is desperately trying to hide its brutalities in Occupied Kashmir, an internationally recognised dispute on the UN Security Council agenda, where innocent people are being killed and maimed systematically. That Modi miserably failed to convince his guest was evident from the apt remarks made by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who reminded the Indian Prime Minister of the need for resolution of the regional hotspots — a clear reference to unresolved conflict of Jammu and Kashmir. We are sure other members of the BRICS also shared the same view but they did not speak louder as they clinched commercial and economic contracts worth billions of dollars from India on the occasion and courtesy demanded maintenance of silence. Otherwise, Britain also knew the true worth of Narendra Modi, who was a persona non-grata and his entry into UK was banned, because of his established involvement in massacre of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. Modi cannot befool the world any more as apart from what he is doing to Kashmiris and minorities in India, he is blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries. He took credit for dismembering Pakistan in 1971 and has now vowed to create trouble in Balochistan. Under these circumstances, India would be doing harm to itself by misusing platform and institutions like BRICS and SAARC for self-serving agenda. Pakistan must continue to expose Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir and its sponsoring of terrorism in Pakistan and hopefully the world would one day become more vocal against Indian-sponsored state terrorism.

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