Sardar Qayyum’s initiated freedom struggle brought down 100-year old Dogra autocracy: Speakers

Pledge to continue his bold mission to conclusion

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


The 3rd death anniversary of veteran Kashmiri leader Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Khan, several times President/Prime Minister of AJK, who had initiated freedom struggle in his early youth bringing down 100-year old Dogra rule in Kashmir, was observed Tuesday across the State and abroad. In AJK it was an official event.
Speakers including ideological stalwarts and members of AJK Assembly in their vociferous address pledged to move forward the bold mission of Mujahid-e-Awwal Sardar Qayyum for liberation of Jammu and Kashmir and region’s accession to Pakistan under the inspirational June 3rd 1947 South Asian civilization division. They paid heatiest tributes to the brave leadership of the late Kashmiri leader and his devotional role for the freedom of Kashmir, for solidarity of Pakistan and solidifying ideological bonds of Kashmir with Pakistan.
Public anniversary events were held in Muzaffarabad, capital of AJK, under auspices of Kashmir Liberation Cell and across AJK and by Kashmir reguees settled in Pakistan and abroad.
The central anniversary jalsa was held in Ghaziabad, Bagh district, at the mazar of the late leader around mid-day chaired by the president of the Muslim Conference and ex-Premier AJK Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan and addressed a number of speakers. Thousands participated. The jalsa venue displayed full-size photos of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, of Kashmiri leaders and banners – Kashmir Banega Pakistan.
Late Sardar Qayyum Khan is credited to have initiated practical phase of the Kashmir liberation movement from his native village top, Neela Butt, on August 23, 1947, a day observed as Kashmir Movement Day annually since then. His initiative of Kashmir Movement earned him popular title of Mujahid-e-Awwal.
Late Sardar Sahib’s Istehkaam-e-Pakistan Movedment [Solidarity of Pakistan Movement] was instrumental in bringing together leadership of various schools of religio-political thought in Pakistan on a well-spoken public platform. During his presidency in 1970s he had introduced massivel education in AJK, rightly called Baba-e-Taleem.
Youth rallies besides central public jalsa on the occasion were addressed by the Muslim Conference President and ex-Premier AJK Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan with several resolutions passed reassuring occupied Kashmir brethren of continued unswerving support. “Our blood is yours and yours ours” was the theme of the passionate youth slogans raised in public gatherings.
Muslim Conference as first Kashmiri political platform was formed back in 1932 with Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah as its first President and Choudhry Ghulam Abbas as Secretary-General. This political forum is spearheading Kashmir liberation movement and Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan under the banner of Kashmir Banega Pakistan [Kashmir to become Pakistan]. Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said that Muslim Conference and its workers are an ideological strength of the armed forces of Pakistan as “we believe that the success of the Kashmir movement is ensured by this combined ideological forte.

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