Sandy Hook mother angry but hopeful after Las Vegas slaughter

Los Angeles

Dylan Hockley was all of six years old when Adam Lanza burst into his elementary school in Connecticut nearly five years ago and shot him dead, along with 19 other young children and six adults.
Since then, Dylan’s mother, Nicole, has waged a determined and tireless fight against gun violence.
She co-founded the group Sandy Hook Promise, named for the school where the killings, which stunned Americans, took place on December 14, 2012. Knowing the huge political obstacles to serious gun control in the US, the organization works on prevention, and particularly on mental health issues and spotting warning signs that can presage violence.
When she awoke on a recent morning to learn of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas—the worst in modern US history—she said, “I got incredibly angry and grieving for what was going on. I began crying—and then I got to work.”
The news sparked an “emotional roller-coaster” in Hockley, taking her back to the day of her young son’s death, just as news of every shooting does.—APP

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