Sam to continue officiating in another Ranji Trophy match

Bipin Dani
Observer Correspondent

Mumbai—Australian umpire Sam Nogajski who fell ill and was hospitalized for a day in a nursing home in Mysore will continue to officiate in India.
Speaking from the hospital before being discharged on Tuesday evening, the 38-year-old Nogajski said, “I am not leaving half-way. Will officiate in one more match between Punjab and Tamil Nadu in Nagpur on next Monday”.
“I had a food poisoning but am recovered fully. The people around me took every possible care and I am feeling very much better now”, he said.
It could not be confirmed whether Nogajski had his favourite seafood in his dinner on Sunday.
Nogajski is also planning to visit the ground on Wednesday. “I will not officiate in Wednesday’s game but will be watching the game”.
Sam Nogajski is part of an exchange programme for umpires between the Indian cricket board and Cricket Australia.
Coincidentally, last year another Australian umpire (John Ward) was required to be admitted to the hospital after being struck in the head by cricket ball in the Ranji Trophy match.
“I am aware about Ward’s injury which was also unfortunate”.
“My hospitalization news has been conveyed to my wife and two children in Australia. They were anxious but are now relieved after my recovery”, he added.
Last year Sam Nogajski beccame the first umpire to be awarded the prestigious Cricket Tasmania Chairman’s Award for his outstanding performance in the BBL.
Sam Nogajski is a mathematician and a Secondary Maths teacher in Tasmania.

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