Salman affair

A new sex scandal involving Salman Baloch and a seventeen year old girl has been reported by the electronic media. Saram Burnei, a social worker, has alleged sexual abuse of the victim girl. He has been blackmailing the young girl because she got married. The accused responded with an unbelievable story that he has been implicated in this crime because he joined Dr. Farooq Sattar. He narrated that the girl in question approached him for help to get medical treatment for her ailing mother. The girl got Rs. 40 lacs for her mother’s cancer treatment.
Burnei said we do not need such public representatives to serve us who abuse young girls. He should ask for forgiveness and apologize to the people. I think Salman is lying to the teeth. He is an incorrigible stalker and abuser. FIR be registered against him and sent behind bar. The victim has lodged a complaint against Mujahid with the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Police Station. She alleged that she was sexually abused at the parliamentary lodges in Islamabad. The complaint must be investigated thoroughly after arresting him. It is a serious allegation and cannot be condoned or ignored.

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