‘Sales’ really serving purpose or fleecing shoppers

As the Ramazan approaches, the banners and huge billboards of ‘Sale’ can be seen every where in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, attracting people to shop and enjoy Eid festivities in their limited budgets.
One can see such a campaign each and every year but the question usually arises whether these Sales are of genuine nature or just to mint money through manipulation.
There exists a mixed response of shoppers as well as shopkeepers when this scribe contacted them during a survey conducted on Thursday.
Various outlets of ready-made garments, boutiques, bangles stalls etc. and also electronics shops were visited during the survey.
A girl Anum Saleem while shopping at super market said, “All sales seems attractive until we visit the outlet. Although the owners have inscribed Sale upto 50 % but it is quite difficult to find a suitable dress in this sale category. Most of the dresses in 50 % sale category were found obsolete and old fashioned. Similarly, she said the other categories except 10 % seemed unsuitable.
A tide of Sale of electronics was also observed as discount packages have also been offered on different electronic brands.
A buyer Salim Khan said, wedding of his daughter is scheduled for next month and he took advantage of Ramzan sale offer on home appliances. I find this sale as fair and there must be more items on sale to facilitate the clients, he added.
Salim said the manufacturers should facilitate the shopkeepers in Sale as most of the outlets announced Sale at their own initiative. An electronic shop owner Amjad Saeed said sale of air-conditioners and refrigerators rose the highest in month of Ramzan and we have offered between 15 to 20 percent discount on all electronic product which is quite encouraging. He said we are having a good business – one of the main reasons is marriage season after Eid-ul-Fitr and the other is high temperature.
Another shopper Rehan Muneer termed majority of Sales as fake and said the shopkeepers offer sale on items by increasing their actual price.—APP

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