Saleem Shahzad returning today

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Veteran MQM leader Saleem Shahzad, who once was blue-eye boy of Altaf Hussain and late Dr Imran Farooq, but was later thrown out of the party, announced plans to return to Karachi by Monday afternoon but did not explain whether his stay here will be permanent or will be short one once again
Important thing to keep a watch on is whether his return will have any impact on political scenario of even on Mohajir politics. Difficult to say for now because he has been in the wilderness for quite a while. He told a private TV channel that he is returning to Pakistan by a foreign airline, and after studying the situation at home, he will announce his future plans.
Nevertheless his statement that he will have nothing to do with MQM Pakistan or “some important people be seeing him in Karachi” does carry some meaning, but everything would depend on his own ability to assert himself or create an impact on the political scene in the country.
Emphasising that he had been in politics for three decades, but in 2015 he decided to relinquish in politics in an attempt to utilize his talent in some other field. But when now that is coming back to politics, his earlier plans seem to have fallen flat. The TV said that suspended was suspended from the MQM a few years ago and since then he had not taken part in the party politics. He, however, regularly attended the party events in its London Secretariat.
The former MQM leader had previously spoken out against a ‘mafia’ in the party working against its chief Altaf Hussain.

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