Saffron terrorism

Qasim Mehmood Qureshi

How can you distinguish a terrorist? What makes him different from others? These two questions always give almost same answers whenever asked from anybody in any part of the world. Answers that I got were somehow like this, a terrorist has long hair, long beard and a Muslim in 90% of the cases. Such answers are nothing but that piece of lie which has been injected in our minds either by the media or the people which we call the “real establishment” or “hidden hands” in our society and surely they are not the intelligence agencies but the hands which are controlling all the forms of media, be it electronic, print or digital. I have never heard any news about “Saffron Terrorism” in any form of media. The criminal silence of media shows as to how much the Hindu Nationalists are strong or have strong bonds with the hidden hands.
If we go back in 2002 when minorities were slaughtered in Gujarat state of India and the killers were holding swords with saffron head bands, media turned a blind eye even at that time as well and later on the master mind was elected as Prime Minister of the India. Analysts believe that India is not in position to pursue any case against its neighbours because the terrorists which were kept to support the rise of Hindutva are now targeting their own people and somehow all the incidents have links with the Hindu Nationalists. India has been silencing the voices which speak against the policies promoting violence through different parties and groups. Many human rights activists were killed in last one decade and every incident was either blamed on the opponents or till day the killings remained like unidentified thing.
Taking particularly the example of the speech of Ex Congress Home Minister P. Chidambaram in 2010 incidents like Samjhota express, Ajmer Sharif and Hyderabad Makkah Masjid were done by the Saffron Terrorists. Initially it was assumed that these incidents were carried out by the Jihadists but after the investigations it became evident that these are done by those groups which were made to spread Hidutva. So far India has been very much weak in acting against such beasts because somehow their link minds are sitting in government and also in a huge number in public. Currently when JIT from Pakistan is in India for investigation of Pathankot Attack, India is not sharing any worthwhile information and also not giving access to the recent developments which shows that there is something which they are trying to find and it can be the links of “Saffron Terrorism”.

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