Sadiq Khan — Mayor of London

IN a landmark development, Labour MP Sadiq Khan, the son of a Pakistani bus driver, defied all odds and won the contest for Mayor of London, defeating the government-supported multi-billionaire and influential Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith. He defeated the rival by 44 to 35 percent in the first preference votes and easily managed to win the race in the second preference.
This remarkable feat of becoming first Muslim Mayor of London speaks volumes about personal traits and leadership qualities of Sadiq Khan, who has not only made himself and his family proud but also the entire Pakistani nation. It is significant to point out that he gained more than 1.1 million votes, the single largest mandate for any individual politician in the British history. His victory becomes all the more important in the backdrop of anti-Muslim sentiments being whipped up by some sections of Western societies. Rivals also tried to mar his campaign by accusing Mr. Khan of ‘legitimizing’ extremist views but these tactics failed to win over votes for them as residents of London rejected this jaundiced viewpoint and demonstrated once again that Britain was a liberal and tolerant society. Success of the Muslim candidate of Pakistani origin also shows that people of the United Kingdom uphold merit and good personal character and traits. There are still elements, who are in denial mode and have clearly indicated to create obstacles in the way of smooth functioning of Mr. Khan as Mayor of London and unfortunately these include Prime Minister David Cameron as well. Similarly, his election received a hostile response from some in the US, where the influential Drudge Report website described him as the “First Muslim Mayor of Londonistan” and he was called “an Islamist” by one major TV network. We are, however, confident that Sadiq Khan, with the help and cooperation of people of London, would frustrate designs of critics and prove himself up to the task.

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