A sad day for Indian democracy

The judiciary of a nation is the ultimate hope of people, therefore, has a big responsibility as it should guide the nation honestly and with distinction. Its judgements should strengthen and make the system function much better than that exists. For the people, Judges are honest people. Judges cannot but be honest people to raise the trust of the society in laws. By misbehaving, judges bring down the prestige and status of judiciary as vanguard of truthful justice system.
We welcome the bold move of four senior judges of Supreme Court (13th, January) who took this tough decision to publicise the matters running behind the curtain and showed us that something is going wrong and needs to be corrected. The points raised by the judges deserve to be looked into. These four senior judges of SC are very responsible people. If they are doing this, the situation would have definitely gone out of control.
However, this unprecedented step has raised a question mark on the credibility of the judicial system.
Hyderabad, India

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