Sacking of govt employees punitive, repugnant: Bar


Srinagar—J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, on Sunday strongly condemned the dismissal of 12 Government employees from service by the state government. The Bar stated that the order is a message to the entire employees community that they will also meet the same fate if they continue to support the ‘freedom struggle’.
“Govt. has resorted to the passing of the order of dismissal of 12 Government employees only to threaten the entire employees’ community and to warn them of similar action, if they continue to support the freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir. The order of dismissal in its very nature is punitive and as it has been passed without holding any enquiry, for establishing the truth or otherwise of the allegations leveled against the employees, therefore the order is in violation of the principle of natural justice and is also repugnant to the right to life, which includes the right to earn a livelihood, “read a Bar statement.
Meanwhile, the members had a detailed meeting with a three member team of Peoples Union of Civil Liberties of India. The PUCL members were briefed by the Bar that more than 10000 Kashmiris have been arrested during the past three months and about a thousand of them have been booked under PSA in violation of their legal and fundamental rights.
“PUCL members were told that there is no rule of law in Kashmir and the forces enjoy complete impunity in arresting, detaining and torturing the people. Young and old are being arrested at random during nocturnal raids and while effecting their arrest, their households are damaged or destroyed and the windows and doors of their houses are broken by use of brutal force, and they are forcibly dragged out from their houses in the dead of the night, “ Bar said.—RK

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