Sabri’s killing plunges country into grief

KILLING of renowned Amjad Sabri Qawwal, who belonged to a legendary Qawwal family, is yet another message that the terrorists
are terrorists and they have no faith, religion or creed. Targeting of an artiste who was a source of spiritual inspiration for millions of people both at home and abroad has, therefore, understandably sent shockwaves in the length and breadth of the country and his fans in different corners of the globe.
His killing has universally been condemned right from the ordinary souls to the Prime Minister and the President because an icon of the art of Qawwali has been eliminated without any rhyme or reason, inflicting unbearable loss on Sufi music. It is rightly pointed out that Amjad Sabri not only saved the dying art of qawwali but helped it withstand the onslaught of pop and Western art of music. He enthralled audience not only in Pakistan but in different parts of the world and therefore, helped present much-needed soft image of the country. It is not understandable as to why someone would target a personality that had no enmity with anyone and instead spread the message of peace, love and affection. Initial but sketchy report speak of a TTP group claiming responsibility for the dastardly act but things would become clear after thorough investigations into the tragedy. Our law-enforcing and intelligence agencies are capable enough to trace and bring to book the perpetrators of such heinous crimes and we are sure they would do so at the soonest to send a strong message that there was no safe place for them in the country. As the incident happened just two days after shocking kidnapping of son of the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, naturally linkages are being made with the nature and successes of the on-going targeted operation in Karachi. It would be unfair to surmise that these incidents mean failure of the operation when there is marked improvement in overall security and law and order situation in the mega city. It is humanly impossible to ensure personal security to each and every citizen but what the security agencies can definitely do is to nab and eliminate those threatening lives and peace and this is what is going on in the city. The threat is not over and attempts are being made to destabilize Karachi, which require a more robust approach to root out terrorists and hardened criminals.

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