Saboteurs have links with political, religious parties: CJ

Sophia Siddiqui

Islamabad—Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali said on Monday that all institutions should work in their respective domains.
While addressing a ceremony marking the advent of new judicial year, he said this was the only way to good governance in the country.
The CJ said that an impression was being created that there was clash between different forces.
The CJ said that in order to in still fear among lawyers and judges, courts were being attacked by terrorists. “It is disappointing to see some political parties supporting terrorists for their own interests.”
Terrorism in the country flourishes by external powers, and internal patronization. “ Our country is in the grip of terrorism. In most of these acts foreign elements are found involved in it but these elements also enjoy from within us, he said regretting that political parties also support such elements for their vested interests.
“In the Karachi and Balochistan Law and Order cases this issue has been discussed that saboteurs have links with religious and political parties which should be checked at the earliest,” Zaheer Jamali added.
He said that Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah did not want to make Pakistan secular. “The constitution allows all faiths to practice their religion without fear of being persecuted.”
The Chief Justice said it is the responsibility of the state to which judiciary is an important component to ensure speedy and inexpensive justice to the people. He said the judiciary is fully aware of the problems faced by litigants due to delay in disposal of cases. Therefore, several steps were initiated to address the issues of litigants. He urged the lawyers community to fully cooperate with the judiciary in order to realize the goal of ensuring speedy justice to the people.
The Chief Justice stressed the need for bringing improvement in district courts. In this regard, he said several proposals are under consideration including proper training of the judges as well as promoting harmony amongst the district judges, police and the prosecution. He said the judiciary will continue its efforts to ensure rule of law in the country.

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