Saad, Hamza ask Imran not to create hurdles in progress


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and Member of National Assembly Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said that those who got their loans waved off were demanding accountability from Sharif family. The lawmaker addressed a workers’ convention of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) at Alhamra Cultural Complex in the metropolis. He said that he watches the talk show of different news channels every day. ‘In Musharraf era, they held me accountable for eight years consecutively.
One day chairman NAB said, no evidence has been found against Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif’, he said. Hamza Shahbaz added that after Metro Bus, Orange Line would also be built. ‘Nawaz Sharif will continue with the progress work and you will be standing there, where you are right now.’ He said that Imran Khan told the nation that his government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would built a Metro in Rs80 million. ‘Where is that Metro bus service’, he asked. Hamza Shahbaz urged Imran Khan not to create hurdles in the progress of Pakistan.
Hamza Shahbaz said that certain politicians purchased copters after having their loans written off. Referring to Ittefaq Foundary that was set up by his grandfather, Mian Sharif, he said that leaders of PML-N never asked for accountability when their assets were nationalized. He said that leaders of PML-N got their pockets riffled through for eight years during former president and army chief, Musharraf’s tenure but nothing objectionable was found. Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was handcuffed in an aircraft.
His earnings were taken over by Musharraf which he got back through legal claim filed in Supreme Court of Pakistan, Hamza asserted. He said that Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan sided with the former dictator to get elected as the Prime Minister. Meanwhile Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique addressing the convention gave opponents a piece of his mind. During his speech, the PML-N leader professed that the PML-N has been subjected to character-assassination.
He commented that not only we master the art of politics but also welfare. Saad Rafique revealed that when we came into power, the country was facing severe financial crisis and it was claimed that Pakistan would be bankrupt state till 2018. He also revealed that the security situation was also horrible when we held the reins of power as terrorists were openly wandering during that time. The federal minister professed as to why did the provincial government in KP didn’t carry out developmental projects when at the same time the Punjab government was busy introducing various developmental projects.
Minister for Railways let it be known that we chased the target killers and brought the peace days back in Karachi. He also revealed that we brought peace in Balochistan as well.
Khawaja Saad Rafique commented that the annoyance of Modi over CPEC project is understandable.—SABAH

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