Saad asks Imran to fulfill promises rather abusing parliament

Inaugurates Rail car service between Kohat-Rawalpindi


Federal Minister for Railways Saad Rafiq here Wednesday said PTI chief should fulfill its promises made to people during last general elections rather accusing and abusing his political opponents and parliament. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Rawalpindi -Kohat railcar at Kohat railway station here, he said it is not understandable to abuse the parliament while remaining its part. Imran and Sheikh Rashid only know how to abuse and nothing else. Imran Khan would have become an invincible political force, had he fulfilled his electioneering pledges with masses, he said and asked PTI leadership to stop deceiving people in the name of lock-down and protests.
On contrary, he said PML-N always pursued politics of development and prosperity and put the country on path of democracy, adding that railway track would be laid up to Parachinar while Kohat Express would be equipped with more facilities. Saad Rafique said that work of all the development projects announced by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were on full swing. “PML-N was against politics of victimization.” The federal minister said that PTI chief Imran Khan was new in national politics and he would take time to be mature provided he survived in politics alike PML-N leadership who went through different ups and downs during the last 40 years and survived. Saad Rafique said that today the country would have witnessed more development and prosperity if Imran Khan had not done “dirty politics” and played with future of 210 million families.
He said PML-N inherited politically, economically and socially challenged Pakistan due to wrong polices of Musharraf and Zardari. He said PML-N could form government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but the party leadership gave an opportunity to PTI. He said those who were calling Metro bus as “Jangla bus service” in Lahore and Rawalpindi are themselves carrying out the same project at a much higher cost while people were suffering due to the construction work on Peshawar bus service project. Saad said that Pervez Khattak has as much funds as Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab, but it is the matter how to deliver, adding the KP CM doesn’t know the art of deliverance and administration.
He asked people of KP to give chance to PML-N in the province as was given to MMA, ANP and PTI, saying that the former provincial government did nothing in the province, but PML-N would surly bring the same change it brought in Punjab. He recalled PML-N’s measures and said that terrorism was curbed, load shedding was reduced to minimal, and peace was restored in Karachi and Balochistan. He said the overall situation would have been more improved if PML-N could have gotten a chance to undertake measures with peace of mind. Addressing on the occasion, the federal minister said that six hundred million rupees was spent on repair of hundred years old expired rail track bridge over river Indus near Khushal Garh, Kohat before continuation of rail car service on it. He said that he would make sure that money on railway projects was well spent and no corrupt practices could be made. The railway minister added that Shehbaz’s work was lauded in China and Turkey too.
The rail service inaugurated Wednesday was abandoned in May 2013. Under the rail service project, it is said that the station has also been renovated. Former Senator Abass Khan Afridi in his address on this occasion thanked Minister Saad Rafique for his visit and inauguration of rail car service. PML-N leader Ameer Maqam in his address said that all the projects initiated by PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif were accomplished so far. Engineers and experts of a foreign firm had confirmed that now expired hundred years old bridge was made capable for carrying the load over it for next hundred years as well and it is safe to run rail car service on it,’ revealed by Iltaf leader of Carwan-i-Amal. ‘Kohat Railway station was built in year 1905 by British rulers and land for the railway track was bought from the then Bahadur Mohabat Ali Khan, Nawabzada Jalal Khan, Nawabzada Jehandar Khan and others in year 1901.’—APP

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