‘Russia aiding Taliban’

AT a Capitol Hill hearing, Gen Joselg L Votel, Commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), told members of the House Armed Services Committee that Russia was trying to revive its influence in Afghanistan. He also believed that Russia was providing some sort of support to Taliban in terms of weapons and other things.
Whether or not Russia was providing any military support to Taliban, the fact remains that Taliban remain a formidable force in different parts of Afghanistan and they are gaining control of more and more areas with the passage of time. Be they Afghan Taliban or Pakistan Taliban, they must be getting money, weapons and training; otherwise it is next to impossible to resist regular forces and that too from powerful countries for too long. When Americans were entangled in Afghanistan, there was general impression that Russia might aid the resistant forces to avenge for what Washington did to it when Moscow occupied Afghanistan. However, during these long years there had been no confirm report to suggest that it was actually happening. Russia surely has interest in Afghanistan as it borders the former Soviet Republics, which are considered to be its area of influence by Moscow. Russia, therefore, wants to see peace and stability in Afghanistan especially in the backdrop of reports that ISIS, which Russia is fighting in Syria, is establishing its foothold in Afghanistan as well. Russia has established its credentials as for as restoration of peace in Afghanistan is concerned by holding Afghan peace conferences in Moscow. Russia and China are also supportive of moves to take names of some Taliban leaders off the UN list of designated terrorists. We believe that instead of indulging in blame game, all the major powers should join hands for restoration of sustainable peace in Afghanistan and this can be done by involving Taliban in the process of dialogue and not through sole reliance on force.

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