Rumours of early elections

AS Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif celebrated completion of fourth year of his government on Monday and addressed party workers recapitulating achievements of PML-N during the last four years, there are rumours about holding of early elections. Reports appearing in media speak of conspiracies being hatched as well as internal deliberations by PML-N itself weighing the option of early elections.
In his address to workers in Lahore on Monday, the Prime Minister himself referred to conspiracies against his government but expressed the resolve that his government would continue the journey of development unhindered. At the same time, he advised elected members of his party to aggressively launch mass contact campaign and prepare workers for elections. There are also media reports that government is being hard-pressed through JIT and Panama Papers case and as a consequence early election has become a possibility. On the other-hand, some circles believe that government itself is interested to go to the polls as it has not been able to deliver on its commitment of meaningfully reducing and ultimately ending the menace of load-shedding. They believe that there are no chances that power outages would be over even in 2018 when general election is due and this could prove to be a punching point during campaign. We believe that neither PML-N nor any other party including PTI are genuinely ready for general election and none of them would get simple majority in the given circumstances and the country would head for a hung parliament. The country and people of Pakistan too would suffer as fate of a number of developmental projects initiated by PML-N government, which are at different stages of implementation, would become uncertain as we have seen in the past. For the first time in the history there are acknowledgements from neutral global sources that Pakistan is counted in some of the countries with good economic indicators and the process of economic growth and development might be scuttled if attempts aimed at undermining the elected government succeed. The government should be allowed to complete its constitutionally mandated five years and it should be left to the people to decide its fate in the next elections as we witnessed in the case of PPP.

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