Rumours about early elections

THE government has quashed rumours circulating in some circles that a proposal was under consideration to hold early elections. According to Special Assistant to Prime Minister Musaddiq Malik no such proposal was being mulled and similar indications have also been given by other government leaders.
Obviously, conjecturing about early polls is based on rumour mongering regarding the nature of Supreme Court verdict on the issue of Panama Papers. Some circles believe that in case of adverse judgement, government might opt for holding early elections, as it would benefit from sympathy wave as well as from its developmental agenda. Irrespective of the outcome of Panama Papers case, we believe that system should be allowed to continue as problems besetting the country can only be resolved through stability and continuation of the policies. The country suffered badly in the past as no government was allowed to complete its mandated tenure and sent packing on different pretexts. No doubt, some political parties and their leaders want ruling party’s leadership to be discredited and dent its popularity to gain votes in next elections. But this is not a good approach and is reflective of narrow-minded agenda that would not serve cause of democracy in the country. Contrary to an inactive government that we witnessed during PPP era, present PML-N government has excelled both at Centre and in Punjab where a visible change is seen by everyone. Of late, provincial governments of KPK and Sindh too have started taking people-oriented initiatives, generating a healthy competition that would allow the electorate to make a better choice in next elections. Though there is not ideal situation as people are still looking towards government for resolution of their day-to-day problems but we too have governments of the two parties in KPK and Sindh, which are aspiring to form next government but their performance is also wanting. Under these circumstances, there is every reason that the present set up should complete its full five-year term and let people decide its fate on the basis of track record and not just blame game.

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