Ruling Pakistan through Skype

Ali Ashraf Khan

Pakistan is fast becoming a banana republic; just a couple of days ago on arrival of the news that Mullah Mansur was killed by a US drone attack inside Pakistan a big hoo-ha-hoo was started about sovereignty of Pakistan violated. Now two days ago when the news came that our Prime Minister is undergoing an open heart surgery the same government declares that Pakistan can be ruled easily from London. What a joke! If India is attacking while Nawaz is in the operation theatre; will the surgeon stop so he can declare war via Skype or give directions to the army on twitter?
The media tell us that the Federal Cabinet will approve the Federal budget tomorrow in an important meeting, which will be presided over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif via video link from London. The PM office is telling us that “The Prime Minister is in constant contact with the Federal Ministers, Cabinet members and other concerned. It is important to note that there are no postponements or delays in the matters pertaining to the routine functioning of the state”. If that is so why do we need a Prime Minister at all? As a student of history I used to think about our politicians during the days when Ghulam Mohammad ruled this country through his Anglo-Indian Secretary, while he was medically incapacitated due to serious illness. One can only wonder who the clowns that are ruling us are.
Former chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry minced no words in calling for the installation of an interim Prime Minister until Nawaz Sharif recovers and resumes the office. But one thing that escaped attention is that since Article 95 was altered nobody cared to notice it so the Apex Court could be asked to interpret this ambiguity, which is the responsibility of Court. Let us hope sanity prevails and we work for the prosperity and solidarity of the nation and the country.

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