Ruling on China’s South China Sea claim on July 12

A C Shahul Hameed

Colombo—On July 12 the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea will deliver its ruling on China’s claim to practically all of the South China Sea…
Meanwhile, China’s naval and air forces are expected to conclude their seven-day exercises in an area extending from Hainan to the Parcel Islands off the Vietnamese coast on July 11 just one day before the Hague tribunal’s ruling is released.
According to US sources, US Navy’s task Force 70, including the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has moved into the South China Sea. It’s task according to its Commander Rear Admiral John D. Alexander is to maintain the sea open for all to use.
The Chinese Defence Ministry’s spokesman Col. Wu Qian warned that this is an act of militarisation in the South China Sea and it endangers regional peace and stability.
He condemned the US action and said the Chinese armed forces never give into outside forces.
President Xi Jinping declared that China will never compromise on sovereignty and is not afraid of troub-
If the Tribunal rules against China’s claim on Wednesday a serious China-US military confrontation is likely.

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