Rule of law in Pakistan

We have a beautiful country, but it is devoid of rule of law. Indeed, the rule of law is the principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by whimsical decisions of individual government officials. In this country what the people in authority say and do that is the rule of law, not as defined in the legal and judicial dictionaries.
Had there been any iota of rule of law in this country, talented people and deserving officers would not have been deprived of rights such as promotion to the next higher grade, among other perks and privileges as permissible per law and the proverbial dead woods not have been hired, rehired and retained because due to personal affinity and affiliation. This is how the rule of law is defined and put in practice in this land of ours, but who cares in this land where telling truth invites troubles and hide truth paves the way to promotion and progress.

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