Rule of law essential for country’s survival: CJP



Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said on Thursday that rule of law and strong judiciary are essential for the survival of the country.
The Supreme Court chief justice said everyone is on board that there should be rule of law in the country. “There should be a strong judicial system and rule of law is necessary for the country’s survival.”
Speaking at a functioning of Islamabad High Court Bar Association, the Chief Justice said they have laid the foundation for justice in the society and it is for the lawyers to play their role in building on this foundation.
The Chief Justice said the judiciary is performing pretty well and trying to provide speedy and inexpensive justice to the people.
The Chief Justice said they do not have to enter into confrontation with any body and law should be equal for every one.
“I am not a hypocrite. Whatever I do is due to legal and moral obligation. A judge should always declare verdict as per law and without considering consequences. He should be able to get respect. A judge always rebukes a lawyer in good intentions. Asma Jahangir was also never given any relief,” he maintained.
He asserted that social evils can be ended with the cooperation of lawyers.
“I term the lawyers my soldiers but it doesn’t mean that you will indulge into a fight with others. Hard work and struggle leads to success,”
Chief Justice stressed that they have to fight for those who do not have the resource to obtain rights.
Outlining the role of judges, he stated that a judge has to think about what not to say.
“Rule of law means equality of law for all,” he said, adding that a strong judicial system is necessary for society to function.
Moreover, the chief justice said that he is very confident that the judiciary is performing very well, compared to a year ago.
The chief justice said that he would try to wrap up all references by June. He said that so far the Supreme Court has heard and decided 43 references.
Before concluding his speech, the chief justice said that every individual is responsible for ensuring that his respect and dignity remains intact.
“Let me tell you that three things destroy the decision-making ability of a judge; personal interest, compromise and fear.”—INP

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