Rude Police Inspector

Police Inspector, Samardhan Rithe of Dharavi Police Station at 90 feet Road in Mumbai (India) is a very rude person. Somebody has misused my daughter’s documents putting a fake signature and taken a loan of Rs 50000 from Bajaj Finance Corporation. When she went to file FIR, Samardhan Rithe was very rude to her and wouldn’t give her the FIR copy.
After putting her complaint on Twitter, DCP Suryakant called her at the police station at 12.30 in the afternoon but he did not bother to talk to her. Samardhan Rithe made her sit till 7.30 pm and kept on asking her stupid questions. Before that when I tried to record the illegal activities going on there, the PSI confiscated my phone and was going to put me behind bars. Just because the police have the powers, it does not mean they can take the law into their own hands. Samardhan Rithe is very famous in Dharavi for taking bribes (rishwat) from people in order to get their work done.

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