Rs838m River Indus dykes repairing schemes in doldrums

GR Gorar

Larkana—Three schemes of Rs838m for repairing and strengthening of vulnerable embankments of River Indus at Larkana are in doldrums, no satisfactory work on sensitive dykes was executed to transform weak embankments into strengthened embankments after heavy flood in 2010 and medium flood 2015, due to in competency of concerned officials.
This scribe has learnt that during last 6-year heavy flood water have damaged the several protective embankments including T-head spur, 0/4 mole spur, 0/7 mole spur at Akil Aghani dyke, Moria Loop bund, LS Bund, Nusrat Loop Bund, Abad Bund, Ruk Bund and other concerned department had declared them most sensitive dykes, but despite of being vulnerable embankments, concerned authorities paid no heed toward the sensitivity of matter and failed to find the permanent solution to carry out the repairing and strengthening work on dam-aged dykes, already
Tori bund breach had inundated the upper Sindh Jacababad, Kashomore, Kandhkot, Garhi Khero, Shikarpur and others during supper flood in 2010, again last year medium range flood hit the embankments of River Indus at right bank and posed serious threats to Larkana, Shikarpur, Kashmore Kandh kot, Dadu and other cities nearby River Indus, but fortunately embankments remained intact after the flood fighting measures.
Sub Engineer Northern Dadu Division Larkana Nadeem Imtiaz told this scribe that his department has prepared three schemes and floated the Federal Flood Commission and PDWP for approval, adding that one of scheme Rs 282.545m submitted with FFC on bases of its minutes, his department has issued Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT) for carrying out work of stone apron, stone pitching, earth work at Moria loop bund mile 0/0 to 1/0.
He informed that second scheme with cost of Rs 315.313 sent to PDWP for approval to execute work at Akil Aghani loop bund for recoupment of dam-aged T-Head Spur 2/6, plus 250 stone apron at mole of 0/4 and 0/7 mole spur and 9 NOS stone studs and third scheme with tune of Rs 242.586 million is for LS Bund Hakra point Sub-division Dokri for providing stone apron, stone pitching, earth work from mile 16/0 to 17/0, told that after the formal approval proposed works would be initiated.
He said that there is not flood threats to embankments of River Indus, all dykes are intact, however comprehensive flood fighting plane has been devised to deal with any flood situation all concerned staff are ready to face the challenge.
To question substandard work at certain dykes particularly at Akil Aghani, Nusrat Loop bund and others, where experts have found stone pitching without specific filter, removal of mud from sloop of embankments, he replied that all the works were monitored by teams of Asian Bank and there is no evidence of substandard work.

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