Roots IVY student creates world record

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Roots DHA-I/IVY once again brings honour and pride for Pakistan. Another brilliant young Ivyian makes a new Guinness World Record by creating the ‘Longest Cartoon Strip’. Unaiza Ali Barlas, a 19-year-old Ivyian artist/cartoonist/animator, has been officially declared the new world record holder by the Guinness World Records. The comic was completed and measured to be 267.38metres /877 feet long, at Gillani Park Lahore on 12th March 2017.
The record-breaking ceremony was attended by hundreds of public viewers, media representatives, volunteers, families, special guests and government officials, specially invited to attend the event. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Khadija Mushtaq CEO Roots Ivy Schools who is an inspirational mentor to Unaiza and thousands of other students remarked; ‘I am extremely proud that Roots Ivy nurtures dreamers and has groomed and guided the fourth Guinness World Record holder. Our School’s vision is to pursue your passion and to make you well-rounded individuals. The achievement of Unaiza signifies great passion, focus and empathy.’
Over 50 volunteer students from various colleges and universities assisted to lay out the comic strip. The measurement was undertaken by a professionally certified Civil Surveyor and observed by four official witnesses. All evidence of the record claim was compiled and sent to the Guinness team, which was recently declared to be approved.

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