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The role of psychologists as counselor and therapist was highlight at a moot held at the University of Karachi on Monday. A seminar in this connection was organized by the Department of Psychology, University of Karachi.
Clinical psychologists have to perform multiple roles of counselors therapists and researchers so we have to keep things to ourselves remarked Dr Batool Fatima, Assistant Professor Human Development Program at the Aga Khan University.
She was of the view that the diagnosis should be kept confidential as there is a stigma on mental health and we have to face and deal with all kinds of people.
‘Client has a unique relation with the therapist as they share their deep thoughts, feelings and experiences which they are unable to lay before their spouse, family and friends’ she said adding that confidentiality is must in this field.
She opined that there is a huge gap between theory and practice regarding confidentiality, it is a commitment with your client to keep their privacy until there is suicidal risk.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, the Dean of Social Sciences, University of Karachi, said that ethics begin with self and end with self.
‘The code of conduct has always benefitted the societies that implement it’ he remarked adding that professional ethics also include that only a fee that is affordable by a poor man should be charged.
Prof. Dr. Farah Iqbal, chairperson Department of Psychology, university of Karachi, said that they are beginning a counseling service.
She mentioned that there are huge differences between the ideal codes of conduct and the professional circumstances.
‘Develop self concept, understand yourself, and others will enfold for you’, she said.
Mehak Ali, Assessment specialist, Aga Khan University Education Board, highlighted that our theories are abstract and reactive, that should be made proactive by our personal values, upbringing, professional standards, etc.
‘We must perform a critical analysis of the code of conduct, we must analyze if it’s applicable to certain circumstances or not. And we must adapt it according to our social context’.
Nida Hyder, qualitative Research Manager at Four Corners Group, explained marketing research to the students.

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