Role of good health in uplift of country highlighted

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An impressive ceremony titled “Independence and Our Health’ was held here to celebrate the 71st independence day of Pakistan, attended by scores of people, include kids, youth, men and women.
The basic objective of the event organised at Ayub Park in Rawalpindi was to create awareness among the people about good health which is also vital to development and progress of a nation.
Addressing the participants, speakers stressed that good health is one of the blessings of Allah Almighty and that good health of individuals ends up in setting up of a healthy society.
They said that unfortunately a healthy and independent society could not be established in Pakistan despite 71 years since independence. “Today, our newborns, youth, men and women are suffering from various chronic diseases. Good brought up of children is the individual duty of parents but a society is collectively benefitted during the fulfillment of this duty,” they said.
“The process of development in an independent country is not possible without creating awareness about this duty on the national level,” they added.
The speakers said that Islam gives so much importance to cleanliness that it has been termed ‘half faith’.
“The true application of this saying of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the basis of a healthy society. This saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) makes following the principles of healthcare obligatory for us,” they said.
“If we start fulfilling our individual duties as good and law abiding citizens, the aim of establishing a healthy society can easily be achieved. And, through the establishment of an exemplary and healthy society, we can enjoy the fruits of independence in real meanings,” they added.

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