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Role of CII

PRESIDENT Dr Arif Alvi has said that Coun-cil of Islamic Ideology (CII), being a constitutional organ, has the unique role to play towards the propagation of such important social issues as cleanliness, inheritance, malnutrition, stunting, spacing of childbirth, environment, water conserva-tion and clean and green Pakistan. The President, in a message to CII, has directed it to realize the true potential of the Pulpit to sensitise the public, as was done in the golden era of the Holy Prophet Mham-mad (PBUH).
The CII is a constitutional body responsible for giving legal advice to the Government and Parlia-ment on Islamic issues. Ever since its establishment, the Council has carried out valuable research on different matters referred to it by the Government as well as on its own. Apart from the basic work on Islamisation of laws, the Council has been publish-ing its recommendations comprising reviews of the Economic System, Education System, Social Sys-tem and Media Reforms in the Islamic perspective. The Council’s work on the Islamisation of the Eco-nomic System has not only been of a pioneering nature in Pakistan but was also internationally rec-ognized. The Report on Elimination of Riba from the Economy and Islamic Modes of Financing, of which a second revised and enlarged edition ap-peared later, received universal acclaim in particu-lar. All this shows that the Council is not an irrele-vant institution as some people have been propagat-ing but it is unfortunate that neither Parliament nor successive governments have shown the desired level of commitment to properly benefit from the Body. Regrettably, Parliament, which was required to debate upon the reports of the CII on different issues and make legislation in the light of its rec-ommendations, has not even discussed many re-ports. This can be explained by overall lack of inter-est towards Islamisation of laws. The President has rightly pointed out that the Council has a role under Article 230 (1)(a) of the Constitution, which placed upon CII the responsibility to help the legislative institutions in enabling and encouraging the Mus-lims of Pakistan to order their lives individually and collectively in the light of the Holy Quran and Sun-nah. CII can definitely give its input on issues high-lighted by the President and many others but we would also remind the President of his responsibility to play his role in sensitizing the Government as well as Parliament to act upon recommendations of the Council. At the moment, CII is a toothless insti-tution and, therefore, there is also need to make it a powerful institution, modernize its working and allocate necessary resources for the purpose.