Rohingyas left to die!

PAKISTAN, on Sunday, urged authorities in Myanmar to investigate reports of massacre of Rohingyas, hold those involved accountable and take necessary measures to protect the right of Rohingya Muslims. In a statement, Foreign Office said the country stands ready to work with international community in particular the OIC to express solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims and to work towards safeguarding their rights.
There are, indeed, pious intentions and in line with the policy of Pakistan to help protect rights of Muslim minorities across the globe but the question arises what we have practically done so far to realise this objective. For years, Rohingyas are being eliminated physically and economically and the situation has reached alarming levels but we are still indulging in rhetoric. Pakistan itself is one of the active and vibrant OIC members and one fails to understand what prevents the country from taking up the issue in a serious and systematic manner before the organisation. Ever since the issue of massacre of Rohingya was highlighted by the world media and human rights organisations, the OIC has held various sessions but things have not gone beyond verbal and written statements. Why can’t the OIC, as a body supposed to protect lives, honour and sovereignty of Muslims around the world, formulate a workable strategy for the purpose? It has necessary tools and leverages as a strong block to take up the issue effectively with Myanmar Government forcing it to stop genocide of Rohingyas at the hands of ethnic rivals and the Myanmar government itself. The issue should assume priority as the Human Rights Watch has revealed that over 2,600 houses in a village have completely been burnt by government forces and that the scale of devastation is much higher than previously thought. Similarly, relief camps in Bangladesh have reached full capacity and there are reports that Rohingyas are being pushed back, imperilling their lives further.

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