Rohingya abuse

Kajal Chatterjee
Kolkatta, India

Kudos to Mr Shashank Bengali for his heart-rending article titled “Independent probe demanded into Rohingya abuse”(January 25). It is really a matter of utmost shame and disgust to see how the Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine State in the “alien” nation named Myanmar are being forced to lead a horrible life of refugees after getting tortured and displaced by the ethnic Rakhines! Less said about pogrom and mass killings of the helpless Rohingyas the better. Not Muslims or Hindus, Christians or Buddhists, Bhutanese or Brazilian — but humanity is the ultimate truth and this needs to the guiding spirit of the increasingly fragmented globe in the name of religion, language, caste and colour. But sadly neither Myanmar nor Bangladesh is attesting to the theory.
While the hapless Rohingyas are being banished from Myanmar by the Rakhine fundamentalists because of their alleged Bangladeshi origin, Bangladesh is ruthlessly sending them back by branding them as Myanmar citizens! The sight of the Rohingyas, especially those of the children, getting dubbed as “citizen of none” and stranded on the high sea on overcrowded boats between the coasts of the two nations should be enough to hang the heads of all to shame. The sons and daughters of this very world only have no right or place to settle and lead an honourable life in this vast globe!
Yet the rhetoric of “international brotherhood” continues to reverberate in the horizon! And what does our “holy cow” in the guise of religion teaching us? Insulting fellow human beings who are all children of the Almighty! Buddhism derives its name from that great apostle of peace named Buddha the great. Yet how can ethnic Rakhines(including the Buddhist monks), claiming to worship Buddha, commit such barbaric atrocities on the Rohingyas? Also often do we hear the call of “Muslim brotherhood”. Now Bangladesh is an overwhelmingly Muslim country and the Rohingyas are also followers of Islam. Why doesn’t Dhaka come forward in welcoming the persecuted Rohingyas? Thus it gets proved that when it comes to self-interest, all dialogue of religious affinity vanishes into thin air!

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