Road violence

I am a university student and I do travel quite a long distance daily. I deeply observe the people violating the traffic rules. People are so in hurry that they try to cross the road before a green signal turns on and some even cross at red signal. Similarly, I see every vehicle trying to overtake another. Nobody is patient enough to give way to others. I see people on U-turn, not waiting for a bit and trying to cross the vehicles coming in their way. Bike riders remove the helmets after crossing the check posts. Some people do not bother to wear seat belt except on Motorway. The pedestrians mistake running on the road to cross it. This leads to a number of accidents daily. People mercilessly throw the litter on roads from their running vehicles. What is the benefit of our education if we do not care to clean our country? People do not pay on toll plaza and start fighting for few pennies with the operators though this money is used in repair of roads which is in fact for the purpose of their safety. People abuse and fight exactly in the mid of roads which leads to traffic jam. All this can be controlled if proper road rules are strictly ensured by the traffic authorities. People should be heavily charged for violating traffic rules. Traffic police should not let the VIPs taking law in their hands and taking bribes. People should be made aware about the traffic rules by distributing public awareness pamphlets. Traffic signals and CCTV cameras could be installed on every road. Green trees and plants should be grown alongside roads for healthy environment. Roads should be made smooth to avoid accidents.
Wah Cantt

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