Road to Naya Pakistan, Imran unveils PTI manifesto


Dams, agri development, economic boost top agenda

Sophia Siddiqui


Chairman PTI Imran Khan Monday unveiled his party’s manifesto for general elections 2018, announcing that he would turn Pakistan into a welfare state if voted into power.
Titled “Road to Naya Pakistan”, the manifesto is composed of seven chapters and explains in detail the PTI’s agenda for the next government.
One of the primary points of the manifesto, Khan said, is to turn Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state — a model the principles of which he said are also followed in Scandinavian countries.
Highlighting key points of manifesto, Imran Khan said, low cost housing schemes will be built. We will build 50,00,000 houses for the poor. This is going to be like our Billion Tree Tsunami,” the PTI chief told the media adding that his party had held meetings with builders and was well aware of how the project will help the party in creating jobs.
Discussing the party’s strategy for the agriculture sector, Imran said the PTI will create a mechanism to facilitate the poor farmers. “We will replace ‘mandi’ with special warehouses so that no farmers’ hard work goes in vain,” said Imran. “Reforming the agriculture and livestock system and making ware-houses for storage are all part of the reforms. We will replace livestock with more effective and latest methods of farming.”

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