Road Safety Plan to control accidents

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Road Safety Plan and Framework document for National Highways and Motorways Police (NH&MP) have been prepared as part of measures to control accidents. The plan has been prepared by Ministry of Communications in consultation with NH&MP, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Institute of Space Technology (IST) and many other Federal Line Ministries.
Upon contact to know about steps taken to control accidents, official sources on Monday said these include conduct of briefing and education regarding road safety to road users by distributing road safety materials (stickers, pamphlets and leaflets) at toll plazas as well as through Mobile Education Unit (MEUs).
Road safety seminars, campaigns and walks at beat and sector level are also being arranged on road side hotel/pumps, trucking stations, school, college and universities to aware drivers regarding road safety.
The sources said in addition to that, seminars, walks/counseling and briefing sessions are conducted for drivers of LTVs/HTVs/PSVs regarding mechanical fitness of vehicles. Moreover, checking of tyres with treads and air pressure gauges at toll plazas to prevent tyre burst accidents, extensive use of day and night speed checking cameras are being utilized to avoid accidents occurred due to over speeding and establishment of anti- dozing points to avoid accidents due to dozing at wheel were the other remedial measures adopted to prevent accidents.
The sources said in addition to that, surprise and random checking of vehicles at night time is conducted to check the physical status of drivers while FM-95 Radio is playing major role in educating masses on road safety by providing travel advisory and information on weather and road situations.
Driving Licensing Authority at Islamabad has been established, with its online offices in Kamra, Sheikhupura and Lahore to produce better drivers on Motorways and Highways.
Road Safety Training Institutes has been established at district level in the country to provide driving skills of international standards to the general public. Road Safety Chapters have been prepared by NH&MP for Class I-XII which have been sent to relevant federal, provincial, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK governments for inclusion in curriculum.
It is mentioned here that around 820 accidents were occurred during last two years (2015 & 2016) on Motorways. Of the total accidents occurred on Peshawar-Islamabad (M-1), Islamabad-Bhera (M-2 North) and M-2 South, M-3 & M-4 (Bhera-Lahore, Pindi Bhatian-Faisalabad & Faisalabad -Gojra), 215 were fatal and 605 were non-fatal.

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