Road not taken

Yamna Batool

I would like to draw the attention of Sindh Government towards the awful condition of the most well-known University Road onward to Safora Round-About. The road has too many cracks and holes now than it has before at several places. Due to the unpleasantness of the road, the movement of vehicles is generally affected. In the meantime the sanitation and sewage systems are being neglected and choked sewerage lines, overflowing gutters, heaps of garbage can be seen on the road and as a result the passer-by faces great hardships and inconvenience. Hence all of the issues lead to environmental pollution with a bulk of traffic jam.
Above all the two of the most famous universities are situated on the road. Therefore, the students of Karachi University and NED are usually the target of the dilemmas on everyday basis like; mugging and accidents because of the dark Over Head Bridge located near university. The bridge is horrific as it remains dark and desolate due to the absence of lights and the students do not feel safe using it.
This persuades them to cross the road and put their lives in danger as traffic is too heavy on the road. The old street lights have turned into rusty poles due to administration’s lack of attention and with such improper light system the road is surrounded by darkness and hostility. Moreover, the absence of appropriate lightened bus stops causes students to suffer a lot and the only salvation for students to keep themselves safe is to walk to the lightened area and stop the buses at places other than the bus stops. I hope Sindh Government will take notice on these serious matters and the municipality of the area will work for the establishment and maintenance of the road.
— Karachi

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