Road accidents

Adeem uz Zaman

For the last few days, not a single day passes without a road accidents in Karachi. Most of these accidents are caused by reckless driving. Truck drivers and those who drink and drive are notorious for rush driving. The other day I was horrified to witness a shocking accident. A young biker and his wife were crushed to death when a speedy truck that came from behind ran over them. They died on the spot.
I am sure that it was not an isolated incident. Countless innocent lives are lost on roads, thanks to rash/reckless driving. Reckless driving poses a significant risk to the people. Reckless drivers could kill people and even animals. A car that spins out of control can harm other vehicles on the road. In addition, reckless driving can cause significant damage to property. Thus, it goes without saying that reckless driving is public safety issue that must be properly addressed.

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