Risky growth

In Global Climate Risk Index Report 2018 of Germanwatch, “Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country to Climate Change. By global warming, when more animals i.e. Black and Brown Bears, Snow Leopards, Jackals and Golden Eagles, will move to higher altitude, searching optimum temperature, limited area will be enwrapped and bout for resources (food, shelter) there will be escalated. Eventually, the already endangered population of Markhor will suffer more severely. Besides, when mountainous ecosystems exceed their carrying capacity, certain epidemics become more frequent. Eventually, the claims of successful progressive rehabilitation of Markhor by WCS-Pakistan and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) might become less valuable as the challenge to combat the repercussion of Climate Change is not facile as their protection merely from hunting and predation.
Humans can expound their feelings, convey their messages but animals are unable to tell the world about their hazards. The greed of development and economic growth are the ultimate danger to all the flora and fauna in Pakistan. Being a national animal, Markhor deserve additional protection by government and local institutions. The extinction of this fascinating animal will make Pakistan a story where entire world will say how could they destroy their national symbolic animal.

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