Rising tension in Korean Peninsula

TENSION on the Korean Peninsula has assumed such an alarming proportion that a small incident might spark into a full-fledged conflict. This demands serious and genuine steps on the part of major capitals to stop the situation from aggravating further.
Keeping in view the complexity and sensitivity of the issue, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Saturday urged all parties to avoid any action that might worsen tensions on the peninsula. The Chinese remarks reportedly came after a failed launch of an intermediate range ballistic missile by Pyongyang on late Friday. In recent months, North Korea has test fired a series of missiles which led to imposition of more sanctions on the country by the UN Security Council and attempts by the US to enhance military presence in the region — a move criticised both by China and Russia as against stability of the region. No doubt, the provocations and tit for tat responses from both sides pose a serious threat for peace and security of Korean Peninsula. We feel that greater responsibility lies with world powers particularly the United States to handle the situation very tactfully sans build up of arms on the peninsula as it would only add to increasing tension and conflict like situation. On this sensitive matter, the Chinese top leadership has presented the right way forward of addressing these crisis through negotiations. Six party talks that included two Koreas, China, the United States, Japan and Russia had collapsed in 2008 and since then no serious effort has been made to resume the process. After successfully addressing the issue of Iran through talks, we expect Washington to review its policy towards North Korea as well and take necessary confidence building measures in order to bring the country back to negotiations. The flawed policy of sanctions does not serve any purpose or bring about any positive change as matters could only be sorted out through involvement not isolation. We would also urge the UN Secretary General to embark upon a peace mission and visit important capitals to find durable solution of the Korean peninsula, a step so vital for the fate of war divided Korean families.

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