Rising intolerance against minorities in India matter of concern: Zafarul Haq


Leader of the House in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq Thursday said the rising intolerance and extremism against minorities in India, despite its high claims of being the largest democracy, was a matter of concern.
Addressing an international seminar on ‘Pluralism Vs Exclusionism, The Case of Rising Extremism in India’ organized by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) here, he said violence had escalated not only against Kashmiris but also against minorities, including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits, since Narendra Modi was elected as prime minister of India.
Raja Zafarul Haq said the sharp rise of violence against minorities is a matter of concern. He said Modi was also involved in the killing of Muslims in Gujrat, while he was its chief minister. Former high commissioner of Pakistan to India Abdul Basit said Muslims had limited representation in Indian Lok Sabha. Since Modi had become the prime minister, members of extremist Rashtrya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Bajrang Dal and Shave Seena were perpetrating atrocities against minorities to force them to convert to Hindu religion, he added.
He said if Modi was re-elected as prime minister, extremism would further rise. Other speakers said religious intolerance, which already existed in the Indian society, had now gradually taken roots in institutions as well. A significant rise in religious and caste-based extremism in recent years had polarized the country to a greater extent, with lower caste Hindus and other minorities being its major victims, they added.—APP

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