Rising divorce rate

Nisar Ahmed

The divorce rate has been on the rise in Pakistan over the last couple of decades. Particularly, in the last two months, 2300 women have filed legal suits for divorce in Lahore and 150 divorce cases were brought to court daily. Consequently, this might not be seen immediately as an appreciable phenomenon. The status of women is changing, thus creating a big stir in time tested old traditions. The modern concept of women emancipation has brought a big change and now women don’t accept themselves as subservient to their husbands. So, the main reasons are lack of sacrifice, intolerance, impatience, weakening of family bonds and joint family system, forced marriages and many more. The husbands and wives have equal power to be in the relationships and hence the syndrome of superiority dominates on both the sides. This has brought a sense of reconciliation has been replaced by an enhanced sense of competition, and resultantly there the lack of tolerance and harmonious co-existence ends up in breaking the family bonds. There is a genuine need to revive the falling edifice of joint family system and acceptance of the role of elders in making and sustaining family relationships.
— Kech, Balochistan

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