RIS conducts robotic workshop

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Wellington Campus Roots International conducted a workshop on Robotics. The workshop was a part of a visionary Roots International Innovative Learning Program, which involved pupils in different methods of scientific ways of production through scientific approach towards materials and procedures. Robotics workshop engaged students to gain knowledge of controlling robotics using normal electrical concepts and presenting their own toy models and using different scientific tools interactive theory and practical sessions.
As In elementary school, students are still learning with their eyes and hands – drawing, molding, and manipulating objects. They are starting the tough transition to learning by reading, and robots make it possible for them to work through problems visually and experiment with concepts they are learning. “Innovators have been raised on technology. They have no fear of it and are eager to jump right in and create. They are natural innovators who relish and need this creative platform.”
The use of Legos blocks helped and enabled them to easily convert their own thoughts and idea in to physical forms. Using building blocks was found to be the most creative way of bringing out the internal capabilities and creativity of small kids. The team of “Robo Minors” was very dedicated and highly professional in developing children interest in robotics. They positioned robotics as a “team sport for the mind” and have been successful in developing excitement for robotics and building teamwork skills.
The main idea of the workshop is to produce future scientists of robotics field by providing them the basic knowledge and developing the scientific thinking. Today there is a great call for robot technology and roots international has a vision to produce best future scientists for all technological fields using every modern technique and method teaching and training. The similar workshops are scheduled to be held in all other campuses on the coming month.

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